Berlin is calling: Outfits

by - Mai 13, 2017

Berlin you were so good to me! Especially the weather was on our side which means no winter coats anymore and enjoying some sun outside. As I spent three days in Berlin I decided to overpack and take some more clothes with me to be sure I can create the outfits I want - I even bought some new clothes, more down below.

Day 1

For day one I decided to go with something cozy because it was also the day we arrived. I paired simple black jeans and shoes with a grey flannel tucked into the jeans and my favourite light brown raincoat. It was the perfect option considering the fact that it might rain but still wasn´t as cold as the days before. The real eyecatchers for this outfit were the matching socks and scarf in a lovely yellow tone. Definitely the perfect outfit for a full day of shopping, coffee hopping and exploring Berlin, a travel diary will hopefully follow soon.

Outfit details:
Raincoat: Stutterheim
Scarf:       Forever21
Shirt:        H&M
Jeans:       H&M
Socks:      H&M
Shoes:      Dr. Martens

 Day 2

 Because day one ended with some shopping at the Urban Outfitters Sale I decided to wear some of my newest favourites - A really cozy, great fitting, grey logo sweatshirt and a brown ankle jeans. I immediately fell in love when I saw the jeans, I think the colour is something special and at least for me something I don´t usually wear and seeing that my legs are pretty short the fit was perfect.
I simply threw over a black coat and paired it with black shoes, ready for a day of exploring with a good friend.  

Outfit details:
Coat:          Urban Outfitters
Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters
Trousers:    Urban Outfitters
Shoes:         Dr. Martens

Day 3

The third day started rainy. Luckily I brought another raincoat/jacket that kept me kind of protected but in the end we just had a coffee hiding from the rain. ;) I wore my favourite beige knit ever, paired with a black and white shirt underneath which made the outfit a bit more exiting. Then again, simple black jeans and shoes. Perfect for a rather chilly day in Berlin which was also my last one.

Outfit details:
Raincoat: H&M
Knit:        Uniqlo
Shirt:        H&M
Jeans:       H&M
Shoes:      Dr. Martens

As a huge fashion lover, endlessly on the hunt for new key pieces and always creating new outfits, this post was really fun to write. I hope you like the outfits and maybe can take some inspiration for further outfit creations with you on your way. If you liked this post and are interested in more outfits and maybe even some hauls and similar posts please let me know!

All the best,

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  1. I love Berlin!
    And I really love your flatlay Shots

    xx QuentinJacobMax

    1. Hey :) Berlin is amazing, thank you so much!