Long time no see..

by - Juli 22, 2017

Hi and welcome again. You haven´t heard from me (at least on here) for a rather long time which is why I just wanted to give you a quick little update on how life is going and of course that I will again post on here.

With that being said I´m sitting here (it´s currently 10:52pm and I`m watching the serie Elementary (highly recommend!)) and suddenly felt inspired and motivated to finally write a Blogpost again.

The last two months were really exiting, filled with joy and so many new impressions. I travelled to Dublin, to Mallorca, to Berlin, Hamburg and a few more cities in Germany and could not be more grateful. To top all that my 18th birthday will be next friday and I´m already a little exited.
To be honest all these and the lack of motivation were the reason why I did not post on here and rather concentrated on my Instagram account.
But for now I´m staying in Bremen and still have two weeks of my holidays left to be productive and create as much content as possible for you.

To give you an idea of what will follow on here. There will be definitely two Travel guides, one for Mallorca (need to be quick to still catch you with summer vibes) and one for one of my favourite cities ever, Hamburg. For other postings I decided to post whatever my heart desires like a whole post only on stationary or rambles like my last one.

I´m really happy and grateful for all your support and am looking forward to show you even more of my life, my travels and everything that catches my interest.

Happy summer!
- Christopher

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2 Kommentare

  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your travels sound so exciting!

    1. Hi Siffat,

      thank you soso much! I definitely had :)
      Exited to read more of you.

      All the best,