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by - Januar 21, 2018

Hamburg. The city by the water, at the harbour. The city with the beautiful buildings and the loveliest cafe´s, restaurants and shops - with the maritime flair and vibes everywhere. A city to dream of.

Since Hamburg is pretty close to my home town Bremen I paid Hamburg many many visits in the last years and discovered a lot places and would say definitely have some insider knowledge to share. Therefore today´s Blogpost will be about Hamburg, where to stay and what to do, including places, shops and of course Cafe´s.

Where to stay

This summer I got invited by the lovely 25hours hotel staff to stay a night in their newly renovated Hotel "25hours Altes Hafenamt". Luckily the weather was on our side with only sunshine and blue skies, so the best start for perfect two days in beautiful Hamburg.

Coming into the Hotel we were welcomed by the nicest and most friendly receptionists and such beautiful interior. Everything is hold in brown tones, with cozy vibes throughout the whole hotel and a love for details, just look at the photos - love it! Definitely my colour palette.

For the room. We stayed in the ´M-Stube´ which was perfectly designed with a huge, comfortable bed and a great desk area with again, focus on the details. Also, the mirror was perfect for some ootd selfies ;). Coming through the door you have the bathroom to the left and a little area to leave your shoes, suitcases and a little closet before entering the main part of the room.

The hotel screamed for pictures and luckily nearly everything was in my colour palette ;). I cannot stress it enough but the details were really amazing. The different bedside tables (would have loved to take them home!!) and the little cute stuffed animal with a greeting.

Overall the room was pretty cozy and moody with warm light yet a little dark. Not perfect for photos but really amazing if you want to cozy up and enjoy your time. Waking up and looking at the room just made me so happy - definitely the perfect start into the day.

But it gets even better! Coming down into the breakfast area you will definitely stare at how beautiful the interior is and secondly definitely at the amazing buffet.

Perfect for breakfast, cozy and such an inviting space with a buffet which doesn´t leave any wishes unfulfilled!

We decided to sit on their beautiful outside terrace since it was a pretty sunny and warm morning. With all these greens and plants around you and the most amazing breakfast in front of you there was nothing in your way of starting the day right and enjoying the morning.

My highlights have to be the the fresh juices, the fruit salad, the porridge and all the hot dishes that you could get yourself or even order. Breakfast heaven at it´s best. Have a look at the pictures to see everything (soso good), or maybe not so you do not get hungry. ;)

Before our stay I was not quite familiar with the harbour city neighbourhood  in Hamburg but with the Hotel perfectly located there with walking distance to the famous ´Speicherstadt´ we had the chance to explore the ´Überseeboulevard´ with it´s many little shops (bought a beautiful notebook as if I did not have enough already and some postcards), cafe´s and luckily for us a street food market literally next to the hotel.

After asking Google we found out that the street food market takes places there every tuesday, so if you are there at that time definitely pay a visit!

As we were (sadly) not in the mood for veggie burgers, fries or wraps (all also vegeterian and vegan, looked sososo good!) we decided to get a coffee and of course some fancy looking waffles with chocolate that immediately started to drop ;).

After some exploring, shopping and of course relaxing it was time for a late lunch. Tuesday seemed to be our lucky day because we found a restaurant close to the hotel that had such a great deal on Pizzas. You can guess what we went for.

It was soso delicious! Also, super relaxing to sit at their outside area with the sun shining.

Rested and with new energy the real exploring could start. First stop for you could be the surrounding neighbourhood with all the new, aesthetic houses by the water always facing the amazing Elphilarmonie. Loved the strolls around there plus I discovered some beautiful restaurants I have to check out next time around.

What you definitely cannot miss when in Hamburg is the old ´Speicherstadt´ famous for it´s red brick houses and the beautiful, beautiful canals. Definitely worth one, two or even three strolls because there is always something to discover! If you are lucky and the weather is on your side you will see all the boats with the tourists floating around the canals - also soso picture perfect.

Some more Impressions looking at the beautiful front of all the old warehouses and the stunning architecture.

Going on to my favourite ever that you can visit in the Speicherstadt the ´Wasserschloss´. I´m sure you sometime came across this beautiful building while scrolling through your Instagram feed or explorer page and yes, it looks as amazing in real life! Judging by the pictures I have seen of it at night it must be at least as incredible by that time. I´d suggest you type in the Wasserschloss into your google maps search because it is pretty hidden at the end of the Speicherstadt, so be sure to do not miss it. 
By the way, it´s not only pretty but also has a lovely restaurant that we went to for a drink.

Staying in the Speicherstadt what you also have to check out is the famous ´Elbphilarmonie´ where classic concerts take place. But to be honest that´s not what I came for. I came for the amazing view and overall to have a look at it´s stunning architecture and interior. If you are already in the Speicherstadt it´s definitely worth your visit.

View over Hamburg from the terrace.

Hold on - we aren´t finished with the Speicherstadt yet. Located right next to it is the little area called ´Nikolaifleet ´ which offers even more cute and oh so beautiful houses, restaurants and cafe´s. 

In case the weather is on your side there is also a super cool area directly on the water which is amazing to just take a breath, look around and admire the beauty. (Maybe you can spot it on the photo) As far as I remeber in summer you can also have a coffee or lunch there.

To end your stroll around that area I would highly suggest visiting the ´Nordcoast coffee roastery´ which is one of the most instagramable Cafe´s you could think of. It´s not only beautiful and picture perfect but also offers delicious beverages and a lot of food options such as pancakes and waffles. Also great for breakfast. Be aware that it could get crowdy on the weekend.

Since we are already at it. Another amazing Coffee shop is ´Public Coffee roasters´ which offers snacks and a great variety of beverages. It´s pretty small but great for a little break, especially with some beautiful streets surrounding it.

Luckily many of these spots are pretty close together or at least in walking distance which leads me to another area located at a canal and kind of close to the Jungfernstieg.

Probably the best thing about it is the cafe´ called ´Erste Liebe´ with a pretty perfect view, lunch and snack options and of course many hot and cold beverages.

Coming back to the area surrounding the Jungfernstieg you can find all the beautiful alleys that offer great shopping options and some more restaurants and coffee shops.

If you know me from Instagram you probably know that I absolutely love coffee shops and another great one is the ´Coffee shop Poststraße´ in one of these alleys super close to the Hamburg town hall with such an impressive view.

Already mentioned, the Hamburg town hall. With stunning architecture you just have to go for a stroll and explore it even more - but do not forget to take a lot of photos! ;)

Another place that cannot be missed when going to Hamburg are the ´Alsterarkaden´ and overall the Jungfernstieg. Next to the city center it´s perfect for photos and for a walk with many stops for icecream, a coffee or even a fancy diner along the way.

Last but not least probably my favourite street ever, the ´Colonnaden´ with fascinating architecture that you could only dream of.

I really hope you enjoyed this rather long post and could maybe also take away a few points for your next visit to Hamburg. There is still a lot more I want to share with you so please leave me a comment about certain topics (Cafe´s, restaurants, neighbourhoods, etc) I should tell more about.

As always, thanks for reading!
- Christopher

* In collaboration with the amazing 25hours hotel

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