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by - Mai 30, 2017

My favourite things in May. What I got new, what I have used the most and what I have grown to love. Today´s Blogpost will all about my May favourites.

So let´s get right into it.

My first favourite this month I actually only own since a few days, yet immediately caught me. Yes, I already have a lot of sunglasses and yes I love them all but this one is something really special. Do you know the feeling when something boosts your confidence and you just feel amazing? This is how it felt when I first wore these and still feels like whenever I add them to my outfit. I found them at the Sunglasses Shop  which is where I also found my other Ray Ban sunnies. 
So, I decided to get these because the shape is something different to what you normally see and the gold and brown combination just fits my style so much. They fit so perfectly! In my opinion they really suit my face and make every outfit look a bit more ´edgy´.

Shop all Rayban Sunglasses here *

                               Shop here: Triwa ; Shore Projects ; The Horse (currently on Sale)

Let´s go on with accessoires. These three watches might not be the ones I wear the most (except the Triwa one) but are those which I loved to wear throughout May. The Triwa Falken watch is my newest watch addition and just gorgeous, right? With the details and colours it is the perfect watch for summer and definitely for my upcoming vacation. I also got the watch in red and both will complement every summer outfit so well. I cannot wait to wear them more often in the following weeks. Coming to my secret love, a watch from Shore Projects which I have never really worn a lot but always admired with the suede strap in beige and the silver face. Might not fit with every outfit but for special occasions and for the upcoming summer months it is a nice addition. 
The last of the trio is a marble face watch with a black strap which for me is kind of unique because I have never seen a watch like it before. Only negative point are the missing numbers, you can only guess the minutes. I´d say it´s rather there to look good than the perfect working watch.

Phone cases were never the big deal for me but since I want my phone to be protected, why not choose some good-looking ones? Since I got these two, especially the white marble one, I have used them non stop. I´m someone who drops his phone ones too often and therefore the cases really do their job, have an amazing quality and look so good - I always get compliments on them.

                                              Shop here: Santal perfume ; Palo Santo candle

In my opinion everyone needs at least one good perfume and I found mine. The fragrance ´Santal 33´ smells amazing and because I am not good at describing scents here is what the description says: "gives a smoky, woody, spicy and musky notes". 
I seriously love it as well as the candle which is another scent called ´Palo Santo 14´.
Again what the description says: "a warm and comfortable accord through the addition of cedarwood and the dark resinous nature of labdanum, incense and patchouli".
I know the products are on the pricier site but definitely worth it if you want to treat yourself.

                                                  Shop here Fossil brown leather wallet

I got this wallet on christmas eve and immediately fell in love. The brown leather, the vintage look and the size, just wow. Moreover, whenever I carry it with me I feel like I have something special with me, might be the factor given that it is from Fossil but I do not really know, just have the feeling. On the other hand I started to see some problems regarding the size because if you fit everything into it and really use the given space it can get real heavy and even bigger. This means it can look unfortunate in your pocket (especially in photos ;)) Lesson learned: Not overpacking it anymore and therefore loving it as much as ever. 

Last one before we go over to fashion where I will show you my current all time favourites which I do not want to miss. I used to read a lot and still am enjoying it but unfortunately I do not have the time and sometimes just forget about it. Luckily I came around to order some books and one of them was a book from the Youtuber and Blogger Estee Lalonde. I´ve been watching her videos, reading her blogposts and admiring her Instagram pitures for a long time now and couln´t wait to get my hands on it as soon as I saw that it was released. I think it might be helpful to get to know her before you order the book because she shares her own point of view, experiences and advices but also stories which you might relate to on another level if you know her. Nevertheless, the book is something for everyone because Bloom makes you think, gets you motivated (at least me) and definitely helps to be more confident and to accept yourself. I got a lot of impressions and advice (also for Blogging and Instagraming) and just enjoyed reading - finished it in two days!

                                              Shop here: Urban Outfitters Denim jacket similar
                                                                 Less expensive option
                                                                 Amazing one for women (and men)

This is definitely the most beautiful denim jacket I have ever seen and ever owned. Starting with this you can imagine how much I love it and how often I add it to my outfits, especially now that the weather got sunnier again. The jacket is from the Renewal collection of Urban Outfitters (linked a similar one above for men and women) and I chose it in the size XXL which might seem really big but firstly it rather fits like a XL and gets you the oversized style which I really love and am adding to my outfits.

Shop here: similar one                                                              Shop here: similar one

Two jackets perfect for early summer days in my opinion which compliment whichever outfit you like. With the black faux suede jacket I am are more on the classier, chic side which I really like but on the opposite the green/oliv coloured jacket which I found in the Urban Outfitters Sale last time I was in Berlin can look edgy and more casual. I like both and am exited to wear them more often.

Both from the H&M Sale                                                           Left: Clayton italia
                                                                                                    Right: H&M similar

Four shirts and all short sleeved and I guess you know why. Yes, summer has kind of started here in Bremen and overall Germany. I love my little collection of short sleeved shirts because they all look different and therefore I can combine them with nearly everything else I have in my (summer)closet.
They look amazing underneath a sweater or knit, as well! I also like to tuck the shirts into my jeans and I can tell, they all look great but the one on the right looks the best, I love that it is oversized (bought it in XXL) and has such a great material. Just looks really flowy and combined differently it can be  casual yet also chic.

Two of my newest additions and I definitely love them the most. They have something unique to them and they fit really well which is not something that does happen a lot. My legs are unfortunately pretty short so I usually have to cut my jeans but not with the brown ones - they are supposed to be shorter and luckily work perfectly for me. I also think that brown is a great colour that I dont usually wear as a jeans, so really happy about my find and even got it for 20 euros off. (saw the same deal on their website just now)
For the Levis Jeans, I wouldn´t have bought them in a store but since I found it on the flea market for only one euro I had to take them with me considering they are Levis. I then cut off a few centimeters and now it will really work for the upcoming rather hot days. I also like the colour, usually I only wear black or dark coloured pants.

I hope you liked this kind of post on my Blog and would like to see more of my favourites. If yes, I will try to do this monthly.  I tried to find all items and linked them for you to shop directly. :)
Let me know what you think!
Have a great weekend

- Christopher

* In collaboration with Sunglasses Shop

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