by - Juni 20, 2017

I'm back from a five days long travel to Dublin with amazing memories and a new perspective on things that I've been needing to find for so long. I'm back and I know that I want to change something, I need to change something. 

Instagram has become a huge part of my life, a place to live my passion, a place to connect with people from all over the world, a place I found friends at and a place to just be creative. Trough Instagram I feel inspired and motivated but on the opposite side also uninspired and unmotivated, doesnt make sense, right? But is does - there are always two sides. Instagram has become a place I do not recognize in the same way as before - it got competitive, unauthentic and a place I did not feel comfortable at anymore.
People fake their followers, their likes and even their comments to be 'the best', 'the most famous' and also to get the best jobs.
I understand that many live from Instagram and Blogging and that the numbers do really count but where does this lead to? People who stay true to themselves, who do not fake numbers and who take the most  effort to create their postings and photos are not valued the same way they were before.. Too many who are not true, who 'steal' the jobs and who betray the whole industry. 

Still that is not my point, that is a topic that also needs attention but is seriously way too much for just one Blogpost and not my aim for this one.
I felt uninspired and not valued while fighting against the new algorythm - as you probably know and many other bloggers also complain about, (partly) because of it the engagement rate for many decreased immensly.
I did and still do my best for my photos, I really put so much effort into them, sit there writing Blogposts for hours and creating setups for pictures over and over again and then do not get the feedback I used to get. Not even half of it. The thing you do not see are the behind the scenes moments, I personally sometimes shoot five flatlays which each take time and effort of about an hour or an outfit which is even more and then end up not posting one of the pictures. I sit there everyday thinking of how my feed may look like, editing pictures over and over again to end completly stressed out and still unsatisfied.

Yes, I could have it way easier but that wouldn't me. I have my own standards for me but also for what I want to show you, I want my feed to be perfect, I want to only post the best possible pictures.
But then I still  compare myself with others, why does their life seem so perfect? Why do they have the collaborations you've always dreamed about? Why do their pictures, poses, etc look better than yours? 
And this is definitely an important point that has to change.. It dragges me down and I start to doubt my own work, the work I was more than satisfied with before. As a result I unfollowed a lot of people and I will definitely stop to check out certain accounts. I can tell you, doing this for a good week now and it helped so much I sometimes even forget about Instagram. So good!

I keep losing hundreds of followers each month and I do not get half of the likes and reach I used to a year back which is why I spent the last time wondering about how I could change that, constantly scrolling through Instagram, refreshing and hoping for it to better but this made me lose the fun of it. I did not enjoy looking at pictures, I didnt feel inspired and I didnt enjoy taking pictures, it only felt like I had to.

I will still post and of course still try to grow my audience but in a healthy way that is good for me and good for you. I want to be happy with the pictures I post. I want to remember and cherrish the lovely moments I had that day, I had in that moment. From now on I  promise myself that I will try to not compare myself to others, to not look at the numbers, to not put Instagram and all that as my number one, to just enjoy the moment and to have fun again. (Don´t get me wrong, the time before was amazing, too! Just with a lot of downs here and there.)

I will be off to Mallorca this thursday and I'm more exited than ever before, no pressure of taking any special photos (of course I will try to, but thats not the point) no pressure of anything regarding social media. I will enjoy the time, share a bit of my experiences and just have an amazing summer. I really cannot wait.
If you have some recommendations they are more than welcomed.

Sorry, for the long rambling and I think there is so much more I could have mentioned or maybe still want to tell in the future but for now that's it. I hope you can understand my point of view and if there is anything on your mind please feel free to ask and/or mention it in the comments. Happy tuesday!

- Christopher

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4 Kommentare

  1. I couldn't agree more, you've summarized it all perfectly. I think the only way is to try and focus on what makes you happy, and don't take pictures because you feel like you have to. xx

    1. Hey Christina,

      thank you so much for your comment and sorry for the late reply.
      You are so right and that is exactly what I did the last month. Now I´m so ready to start again.

      All the best,
      Christopher :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! This is such an amazing post.
    There is nothing more important than beeing happy,
    so try to Focus on it :D

    alles Liebe deine Amely Rose

    1. Hey Amely,

      vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar. Du hast so recht! Genau das habe ich den letzten Monat versucht und einfach die Zeit genossen. Jetzt geht's aber auch hier wieder weiter :)

      Ganz liebe Grüße,